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Top 10 Apps to Increase Android Performance

Android is the most popular mobile OS(operating system) all over the world. Even small kids also know that which mobile they would go for. Android has covered all price ranges. Now everyone cable of buying new android mobile in their price range. We can get lowest price android to maximum price android smartphone. Everyone wants their android mobile give maximum performance mostly low end users but even high-end mobile users want more and more performance with their android phone even if it’s faster than some pc.
For example: Quad core processor 1.6 Ghz android mobile with 2gb Ram. They are faster than some pc but still users want to get more faster response from their smartphone.
improved android
  So that’s why I written this post to show you guys top 10 apps for your android mobile to rise its performance. First of all i want to tell you that you must root your android mobile phone. If you really want to increase your android speed and become superuser. If you have not rooted your android device that means you cant install and use many awesome android app and custom roms. Which can improve your android performance and interface. Anyway lets look at those top 10 apps.

Top 10 Apps To Increase Android Mobile Performance

Link2SDLinks2sd Best App to Free internal Memory used by Apps
It can transfer all the installed apps to your sd card. You don't need to do it manually by going to android application manger. All you have to do is start this apps and it will show you how many apps are installed in your internal memory and you can select them and move them to your sd card. It can clean cache memory as well.
SetCPUSetCPU for Root Users Best App to Overlock your Mobile
This app can overlock your android mobile processor speed to give you faster and quick response. You can also slowdown your android mobile speed if you want to extend your phone battery for few more hours. Its must have app if you play hd games allot and always do multitasking with your mobile phone.
Kaspersky Mobile SecurityKaspersky Mobile Security Best App for Virus & Thief Protection
A virus free mobile always gives full performance that you expect from it. Actually virus and malware infect your mobile and slowdown its speed and many time its cause of lag and hang. This app will make your android virus free and your phone will be safe even if its stolen you can track the location of device and remotely protect your mobile data.
System Control ProSystem Control Pro Best App to do All Task at Once 
This app only for rooted users. This app contain all the important tools required for your android mobile. You can call it all in one tool. This app easy to understand for newbie users. You can change cpu speed , move apps to sd card , edit build.prop file and many more feature you will get.
GO Laucncher ExGO Laucncher Ex Best App to Increase Visual performance 
You’re thinking how this app can increase your mobile performance. Because it’s a mobile ui changing app. Which gives cool effect and great look to your mobile screen. Well this app will give you fancy theme, smoother menu and many options to change your android mobile menu and desktop.
Smart RAM BoosterSmart RAM Booster Best App to Free RAM memory
Get more ram with a single click. What this app actually do it kill apps which is using ram memory. It will automatically boost your ram in 4 levels: gentle, medium, strong, aggressive. it work automatically on selected  level. This app will also show you how much ram used by every running apps.
System Tuner ProSystem Tuner Pro Best App to Tweaking & Tuning Android
This app contain many features like monitor all activities record, backup and restore any app, Cpu and Sd control, task manger, saving all records, system tweaking, widgets and  You will get many more features with it. It’s also easy to use because of its simple interface. Wonderful app to increase your system performance
ROM Toolbox ProROM Toolbox Pro Best App to Optimize Android
This app contain all the great apps with beautiful and simple interface. This app having all the important apps. Which can help you to improve your android speed and performance. This app can work like Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, ROM Manager, SetCPU, Ad Blocker and many more apps. Please check official page to read all features.
Android AssistantAndroid Assistant Best Free App to improve android performance
I think it's the best app you can get for free. Google play store shows that this app contain 18 features like Monitor status , Process Manager, Cache Cleaner, Save Battery Settings, File Manager and many more features. Which help us to improve our android mobile performance.
Android BoosterAndroid Booster Best Free App to Boost  your Phone
Another free android optimizer app for you more than 56, 000 five star this app have gotten. This app has very simple feature which are easy to understand like battery saving mode, phone optimization, app manager , network manger , file manager, virus scanner and protector. you can save your battery with app. most important thing that it's free.

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